Stroller Types: Which one is right for you?


When you need to take your little one with you, say for a little walk, shopping, or buying some groceries, you just got to have something to get you from A to B without having to carry him around. Fortunately, we can easily find dozens of strollers and stroller types that can do just that.

Most moms usually go for the standard, all-purpose stroller. But in case you didn’t know, there are actually stroller types made specifically for various functions. These strollers are optimized to help you in different situations and suit your everyday lifestyle. Let’s run through the list and see which stroller hits the sweet spot.


child in stroller

1. Standard stroller. Moms often choose the standard stroller by default. Typically, these strollers have padded seats, canopy, and storage area underneath. Some stroller seats are capable of being tilted at different angles and some are reversible which allow you to see your baby as you go. Others may also have an infant car seat option.


travel stroller

2. Travel stroller. This stroller system is designed to take your child from the car to the stroller seamlessly in a heartbeat. It comes with its own infant car seat and collapsible stroller frame for easy storage and quick setup. As your child gets older, he would need a bigger seat. Some travel systems offer an extra seat just for that.


car seat stroller

3. Stroller frame. Already have an infant car seat? If so, you just gonna have to find a stroller frame where you could fit your infant car seat nice and tight. It’s not a standalone stroller but you can have this as an option if you wish to save money for other things like baby toys or other useful stuff.


stroller umbrella

4. Umbrella stroller. These are light, compact, portable strollers if you’re on a budget, or if you need a backup stroller in case your main stroller malfunctions. They usually don’t have padding since they are quite cheaper than the standard stroller. Some has a limited reclining capability while others don’t recline at all. But they do have a canopy for protection as the name suggests.


jogging stroller

5. Jogging Stroller. Outdoor-moms got to have this stroller. They’re gonna love this. These strollers are the sturdiest (and the biggest) among the stroller types with the exception of double strollers which are nothing more than extended strollers. It’s a stroller on steroids with two big wheels at the back and one slightly smaller in the front. It even has a suspension system and emergency brake plus hand strap as a safety feature. How’s that for a stroller? Of course, it all has the standard features you would typically find in a stroller.


tandem stroller

6. Double Stroller. These strollers come in two variants. You can either have the tandem type, or side by side. Tandem types are quite long but slim enough to slip through narrow entrances or crowded places. It feels heavy, though, because of its longer body. Side by side are more maneuverable and feels lighter. It can fit through most doors especially in public places. Of course, you wanna measure your door first to see if it’s wide enough for this type.



When to Buy a Baby Swing


kids swing


There are times when your baby doesn’t seem like napping and gets really fussy for no apparent reason. Or something unexpected comes along and you need something to buy yourself some time. If so, you might get some help from an alternative solution – the baby swing.


Baby swings can be quite useful in certain situations. Some parents use them a lot while others don’t use them at all. Those who use baby swings would tell you that they can put their baby to sleep much faster, giving them enough time to move around and do whatever it is that needs to be done. On the other hand, some parents don’t use baby swings because it does the opposite to their babies (it makes them dizzy). If your baby is one of them, then baby swings could offer little or no help. Otherwise, it’s a great tool to have in a pinch.


baby swing cool designSo why do baby swings work? Baby swings have a calming effect in most babies. The rhythmic rocking sensation instantly relaxes and soothes them into napping. At times, it could also be an alternative to their playtime and turns it into a swing, which they enjoy doing. Some of the best baby swings on the market allows you to do just that. They usually come with built-in lullabies, danglers, variable switch, and timer to customize the way you want to use them.


Although not considered as a necessity, it could actually come in handy in some occasions. For instance, your baby can get a little bit fussy and find it difficult to get some sleep. Baby swings could spare you from hours of sleep deprivation and allow you to get some rest as well. Babies below four months old cannot be sleep trained yet in which case a baby swing can be used indispensably to put him back to sleep much quicker.


In some situations where you need to keep an eye on your little one while doing something else downstairs, baby swings are extremely valuable. Unlike baby cribs, baby swings are portable devices which you can easily transport or move around the house pretty quick. It can be used either as an alternative to the baby crib or as a swing for his enjoyment during playtime. Make sure, though, that his baby swing is sturdy enough to withstand such uses.


One last thing about baby swings. They are not designed to be used long term and should only be used with adult supervision. Overreliance on baby swings as a do-all baby device can backfire and your baby won’t get anything less than a baby swing to get to sleep. By the time he reaches four to six months, sleep training would be the most appropriate thing to do.

Some experts suggest putting the child to the swing no more than 30 minutes, after which he is moved to the crib for the rest of the night. You would definitely need a baby swing if you need an extra pair of hands to get things done around the house. But make sure your baby is always in your line of sight and never leave the baby in his baby swing unattended.


How to Survive as a Single Mom and Stay Happy


single mom


For some reasons, you ended up as a single mom. It could be from a recent breakup, divorce, loss of a loved one, or teenage pregnancy. You used to be in your comfort zone where everything is taken cared of, and now you are left to fend for yourself and your children – alone.

There’s no denying how difficult life could be for a single parent. But you are not alone in your struggle. In fact there are plenty others who had also gone through this difficult situation but came out as strong, self-sufficient, happy moms who were able to raise their kids and give them the kind of life they have wished for.

So take heart the fact that others have succeeded being a single mom. But grit your teeth and prepare yourself for a roller-coaster ride. It’s not gonna be easy at first and you’re gonna have to face certain realities in life. We’ll talk into it see how we can deal with these problems.



Providing for your children

If your being a single mom was a result of a divorce, the father of your children is required by law to sustain their needs until they reach a certain age. But that alone might not be enough, so you have to find other means to make ends meet.

One of the best ways is to do part time jobs or work as a freelancer working at home. That way you can look after your child, do your household chores, and at the same time earn some extra income. There are single moms whom I know of doing online jobs and they’re quite good at it.



Doing more than two things at once

Aside from financial woes, single moms are also faced with the task of juggling responsibilities as a parent, provider, planner, and housekeeper. This is where it gets really tough and bumpy, and you would start feeling the pressure building up.

When you get to this point, try to step back a little bit and reflect on what you have been doing. Am I managing my time well enough? How can I speed up some tasks? Do I need to have a babysitter or an assistant? Can I afford it? Either way, you can strike a balance between minimizing your workload and increasing your productivity by having an extra hand.



Dealing with burnout

Being a single mom can get you so drained, you’d begin to feel a loss of motivation and a very low morale. It’s a sinking feeling that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make better of the situation. Why not give yourself a little break?

Take some time to break free and experience what it feels like to reap the benefits of your hard work. You’ll see that you can do a lot more when you feel refreshed and revitalized. You’ve earned it. You deserve to be happy. Take pride of the fact that you’re an exceptional mom because you did more than what most moms can do.


Is Your Baby a Tummy Sleeper?


sleeping on back


One question moms often talk about is whether or not it is safe to let their little ones to lie on their tummies during sleep. Hmm. First of all, let’s talk about your child’s natural range of movement and physical ability during his first four months.

Usually, children within the age of one to four months old cannot roll by themselves. Their muscles are simply not strong enough and their bodies lack the agility to do so. However, most incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) happen within this crucial first four months. This somehow puts the blame on infants sleeping on their tummies as one of the major causes.


Up until now, we don’t have conclusive evidence that such behavior can lead to SIDS, although there might be some reasons to believe this theory. Here’s some of them:

  • Lying on the stomach during sleep increases the risk of choking and suffocation since this would put the esophagus over the windpipe where fluids might start to build up.
  • Sleeping on ones tummy might cause suffocation especially if the crib’s mattress is too soft or fluffy. Positioners, pillows, blankets, stuffed items, etc. could also increase the risk for tummy sleepers.
  • Babies who roll over to their tummies couldn’t roll back because their limbs are too weak to get themselves out of the situation.



Some moms can get too anxious about it that they tend to lose sleep just to make sure their kids don’t roll to their tummies during sleep, or they put them on their backs every time they do it. But this might not be necessary at all if you’ve made your crib baby-safe and baby-friendly. Remember, during his first four months, he’d probably not be able to roll himself over but he could reach out for pillows or anything that could fall on him causing suffocation.

By the time he gets four to five months old, he would be strong enough to roll by himself. And guess what. Some kids just love sleeping on their tummies. But does it mean you have to ‘un-roll’ them each time? The next thing I would like to point out is that by the time kids were able to roll on their tummies, they are equally capable of rolling to their backs. Assuming that they had enough play time during the day, their limbs have also developed enough strength and agility to ‘un-roll’ themselves out.



So what should moms do instead? Here’s some tips to spare yourself from needless sleep deprivation.

  • Maintain a baby-safe crib. That means plain, uncluttered, crib. Make sure the mattress is neither too stiff nor too soft and fits snugly inside the crib. Sleeping on ones tummy regardless of age may not be the real cause for distress. If he’s not safe inside his crib, none of them would matter.
  • Give enough playtime for your baby during the day. This will allow him to get enough exercise for his growing bones and muscles, so he can move as much as he like during sleep. What about fluids getting stuck in his windpipe during sleep? Fortunately, babies four to six months old has already developed a gag reflex to cough out any substance that gets in the way.

Going back to the question, whether or not it’s safe, I’d say ‘yes’ and ‘no’. ‘Yes’, if you you’ve done what you have to do to make this sleeping habit much safer for him, and ‘no’ if you’re baby is at risk due to health reasons or has an unsafe baby crib.


Must-have Apps for Savvy Moms


must have apps

Being a mom nowadays doesn’t have to be that hard. You will find that even a simple gadget like your iPhone can turn into a wonder-gizmo and can make life a lot easier for you. Anything from expert advice, home-cooked recipies, baby schedule, family recreation, health and fitness, money matters, you name it. You can always find something to jazz up your smartphone or mobile device.

We’ve selected some of the coolest apps available for busy moms like you. Check these out and see if there’s something here that you’ll find useful.


parents magazine

Parents Magazine (Digital Issue)

If you loved the issue of the magazine, you’ll gonna love this digital issue even more. Parents is a treasure trove when it comes to expert advice on parenting with lots of useful information, tips, and some neat ideas for your recipes and craft-making for your kids. It also provides exclusive access to the newest toys, books, games, and a lot of other fun stuff that you can see through the app’s playroom.



total baby

Total Baby

Baby scheduling is a breeze with this baby app. Everything from feeding time, nap time, and diaper change can be tracked and scheduled accordingly. It’s perfect for young moms who are still new to baby scheduling and want to make things more organized and easy to follow.



baby geek

Baby Geek

It shares some of the features of Total Baby with the addition of an “Express Milk Manager”. This tool allows breastfeeding moms to monitor the storage and expiration of pumped breast milk. Other neat features that would come in handy include sleep detection, temperature graph, and a potty trainer tool.



mom maps

Mom Maps

You won’t have to think hard for a good place for you and your children to spend the weekend. This app updates you with the best child-friendly parks, museums, and playing grounds nearest you. If you’ve never been to those places before, you’ll be glad to know that their featured fun places have already been reviewed, so you know exactly what to expect when you get there.



period tracker

Period Tracker

For moms who want another bundle of joy, they’ve just got to have this app. It’s fairly simple and straightforward. You just have to press the button when you’ve started having your period and it will show you a time window (fertile days) where chances of getting pregnant are fairly high.



lose it

Lose It!

Just got out of pregnancy? Then it’s time for you to lose those baby weight. Lose It! walks you through from setting up your desired weight, tracking out your progress, to posting it for your friends to see. Don’t believe it? On average, users have lost more than 12 pounds following the suggested meal and workout routines and more than 85 percent have been losing weight using the program.



bill tracker

Bill Tracker

How many times have you missed the due date and paid an extra charge for paying late? Bill Tracker will make sure that won’t happen again. This app keeps track of your monthly bills and notifies you when the next due is just days or weeks ahead. Wireless transactions can be set to make payments when it’s due date and provides you with the payment details, account numbers, etc. And of course, it’s password protected to keep all your personal information safe.