Must-have Apps for Savvy Moms


must have apps

Being a mom nowadays doesn’t have to be that hard. You will find that even a simple gadget like your iPhone can turn into a wonder-gizmo and can make life a lot easier for you. Anything from expert advice, home-cooked recipies, baby schedule, family recreation, health and fitness, money matters, you name it. You can always find something to jazz up your smartphone or mobile device.

We’ve selected some of the coolest apps available for busy moms like you. Check these out and see if there’s something here that you’ll find useful.


parents magazine

Parents Magazine (Digital Issue)

If you loved the issue of the magazine, you’ll gonna love this digital issue even more. Parents is a treasure trove when it comes to expert advice on parenting with lots of useful information, tips, and some neat ideas for your recipes and craft-making for your kids. It also provides exclusive access to the newest toys, books, games, and a lot of other fun stuff that you can see through the app’s playroom.



total baby

Total Baby

Baby scheduling is a breeze with this baby app. Everything from feeding time, nap time, and diaper change can be tracked and scheduled accordingly. It’s perfect for young moms who are still new to baby scheduling and want to make things more organized and easy to follow.



baby geek

Baby Geek

It shares some of the features of Total Baby with the addition of an “Express Milk Manager”. This tool allows breastfeeding moms to monitor the storage and expiration of pumped breast milk. Other neat features that would come in handy include sleep detection, temperature graph, and a potty trainer tool.



mom maps

Mom Maps

You won’t have to think hard for a good place for you and your children to spend the weekend. This app updates you with the best child-friendly parks, museums, and playing grounds nearest you. If you’ve never been to those places before, you’ll be glad to know that their featured fun places have already been reviewed, so you know exactly what to expect when you get there.



period tracker

Period Tracker

For moms who want another bundle of joy, they’ve just got to have this app. It’s fairly simple and straightforward. You just have to press the button when you’ve started having your period and it will show you a time window (fertile days) where chances of getting pregnant are fairly high.



lose it

Lose It!

Just got out of pregnancy? Then it’s time for you to lose those baby weight. Lose It! walks you through from setting up your desired weight, tracking out your progress, to posting it for your friends to see. Don’t believe it? On average, users have lost more than 12 pounds following the suggested meal and workout routines and more than 85 percent have been losing weight using the program.



bill tracker

Bill Tracker

How many times have you missed the due date and paid an extra charge for paying late? Bill Tracker will make sure that won’t happen again. This app keeps track of your monthly bills and notifies you when the next due is just days or weeks ahead. Wireless transactions can be set to make payments when it’s due date and provides you with the payment details, account numbers, etc. And of course, it’s password protected to keep all your personal information safe.


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