Stroller Types: Which one is right for you?


When you need to take your little one with you, say for a little walk, shopping, or buying some groceries, you just got to have something to get you from A to B without having to carry him around. Fortunately, we can easily find dozens of strollers and stroller types that can do just that.

Most moms usually go for the standard, all-purpose stroller. But in case you didn’t know, there are actually stroller types made specifically for various functions. These strollers are optimized to help you in different situations and suit your everyday lifestyle. Let’s run through the list and see which stroller hits the sweet spot.


child in stroller

1. Standard stroller. Moms often choose the standard stroller by default. Typically, these strollers have padded seats, canopy, and storage area underneath. Some stroller seats are capable of being tilted at different angles and some are reversible which allow you to see your baby as you go. Others may also have an infant car seat option.


travel stroller

2. Travel stroller. This stroller system is designed to take your child from the car to the stroller seamlessly in a heartbeat. It comes with its own infant car seat and collapsible stroller frame for easy storage and quick setup. As your child gets older, he would need a bigger seat. Some travel systems offer an extra seat just for that.


car seat stroller

3. Stroller frame. Already have an infant car seat? If so, you just gonna have to find a stroller frame where you could fit your infant car seat nice and tight. It’s not a standalone stroller but you can have this as an option if you wish to save money for other things like baby toys or other useful stuff.


stroller umbrella

4. Umbrella stroller. These are light, compact, portable strollers if you’re on a budget, or if you need a backup stroller in case your main stroller malfunctions. They usually don’t have padding since they are quite cheaper than the standard stroller. Some has a limited reclining capability while others don’t recline at all. But they do have a canopy for protection as the name suggests.


jogging stroller

5. Jogging Stroller. Outdoor-moms got to have this stroller. They’re gonna love this. These strollers are the sturdiest (and the biggest) among the stroller types with the exception of double strollers which are nothing more than extended strollers. It’s a stroller on steroids with two big wheels at the back and one slightly smaller in the front. It even has a suspension system and emergency brake plus hand strap as a safety feature. How’s that for a stroller? Of course, it all has the standard features you would typically find in a stroller.


tandem stroller

6. Double Stroller. These strollers come in two variants. You can either have the tandem type, or side by side. Tandem types are quite long but slim enough to slip through narrow entrances or crowded places. It feels heavy, though, because of its longer body. Side by side are more maneuverable and feels lighter. It can fit through most doors especially in public places. Of course, you wanna measure your door first to see if it’s wide enough for this type.



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